Paddington BID Launches Renewed and Refreshed Recycling Service

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3 April 2009

Paddington BID Launches Renewed and Refreshed Recycling Service for Local Businesses

Paddington BID has teamed up with First Mile to step up commercial recycling services in the Paddington BID area.  Paddington BID provides the recycling scheme under their pledge to become a ‘greener’ Paddington.  The recycling initiative started as a pilot scheme back in 2007, aimed at raising environmental awareness in Paddington.  The scheme collects over 93,000kg of recyclable waste per annum, thus saving 670 trees and 57,000kg of greenhouse gases.  Recycling has been very well received by local businesses and it is hoped that the new scheme will encourage more businesses to start recycling.

Following requests from businesses in the Paddington BID area, collections have increased to twice each week, on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings, including Bank Holidays.  In addition, all recycling materials can be collected in just one sack so there is no longer a need for businesses to separate their paper, plastics and tins.

The new recycling scheme is a mixed recycling or ‘co-mingled service’ whichhas many benefits.  The one bag system will make it easier for people to participate and it is hoped recycling rate will therefore increase, more materials can now be recycled, fewer bags are needed making it space saving and at lower cost means the BID can offer a wider service.  First Mile now deal directly with businesses taking sack and tape orders, delivering orders, arranging collections of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) batteries and furniture and advising businesses on recycling issues.  First Mile run a 24hour Customer Service Line on 0800 612 9894 for all business requests.

“We are delighted to re-launch in our second term, the successful recycling service with our new contractor, First Mile.  This new mixed recycling scheme offers us twice-weekly collections which hopefully will encourage more businesses to  participate, reduce storage issues and minimise contamination in sacks.  The scheme has been running since 2007 and I am confident that this renewed service will improve and enhance the Paddington BID area.”  Maxine Chapman, Chairman of Paddington BID 

The agreement between Paddington BID and First Mile will run for a period of two years from 1stApril 2009.  Bruce Bratley from First Mile was pleased with the venture, stating “First Mile is delighted to be working with PBID as recycling partner for its Greener Paddington project and we look forward to simplifying recycling for all Paddington businesses. Every business in Paddington will be able to benefit from the easy mixed recycling service that we have developed in partnership with Paddington.  This is a fantastic imitative from this BID and we look forward to serving all of Paddington’s 300+ business and seeing them reduce costs and increase recycling with our comprehensive and easy to use recycling service”

About Paddington BID

Paddington BID was established following a ballot of buinseeses in the Paddington area in February 2005 and was one of the first of its kind in the UK.  The BID’s initiatives are based on creating and maintaining a cleaner, more attractive, safer and better marketed Paddington.  In October 2008, 82.6% of businesses voted YES to renew Paddington Business Improvement District (BID).  Paddington BID entered its second term with a strong mandate; to continue to create a more attractive, safer and better promoted Paddington, giving a greater voice to local businesses.  The BID will continue for another four years, from April 2009 to March 2013, delivering under five main themes to help regenerate the Paddington area.

Paddington BID will raise over £1.6 million to spend in Paddington, delivering projects which bring more customers to the area and encourage tourists to stay and spend their money in the area. It aims to re-position Paddington as a leisure destination and eating-out quarter, surrounded by a strong commercial and residential environment. Whilst the BID is about creating a step change in people’s perceptions of Paddington, it is also about creating a strong business voice for the area.

About First Mile Ltd.

First Mile is the UK’s leading provider of easy recycling and waste services in city centres. First Mile helps businesses save money and recycle more, typically saving business 30% on their waste costs. First Mile specialises in pre-paid sack collections and they have developed an operating system (built around a Web-App) that is very efficient – delivering the client low cost and exceptional service levels.

First Mile has 5000 customers in London and Birmingham and will roll-out to all major cities in the next 3 years.

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